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Enter to the Virtual Campus2016

New President's Letter

Colleagues: ICR 2016 in Buenos Aires September 21-24 is approaching!  Prior to that meeting I want to update you on the activities of the ISR since our last ex-com and international assembly meeting in Vienna in March and remind you of activities at ICR 2016.

ICR 2018

The ISR invites national member societies with current dues paid for 2016 to consider hosting the International Congress of Radiology in 2018.  Letters of interest are due by September 19, 2016 and overall proposals are due by November 1, 2016.  An email with complete details has been sent to all national member societies with fully paid dues. 
Please note that inquiries will only be accepted from ISR member societies.

Dear ISR Members,
The IAEA is interested in creating model plans for the development and building of a radiology department.  Such plans would include the physical plant, the equipment, and the personal required for a radiology department.  There would be more than one model plan depending on the size of such a department and the modalities that would be included.  Plans might range from basic e.g. a radiographic unit for a department or perhaps another one modality department up to a complete department including all modalities.
If readers have information that could assist the IAEA they can email Diana Paez, Section Head, Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging Section , Division of Human Health.
Any information you can provide to Diana would be appreciated.
Many thanks.
Jim Borgstede, President, ISR

June 2016

ISR co-hosted side event on cancer control at 69th World Health Assembly (23rd -28th May 2016)

The Sixty-ninth session of the World Health Assembly took place in Geneva from 23rd to 28th May 2016. On May 26th, the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) organized a Side Event “Are we making the right investments for optimal cancer control? A global dialogue” in collaboration with the WHO Department of Management of Non-Communicable Diseases, Disability, Violence and Injury Prevention, the Ministries of Health from eight Member States and four NGOs.
The International Society of Radiology (ISR) as an NGO in Official Relations with the WHO is honored to be a co-host of this important event.


March 2016

Unite to END TB


September 2016

29th International Congress of Radiology - ICR 2016

ICR 2014


Quality News July 2015 edition is now available


ISR led and co-organised a World Health Assembly (WHA) side event

On May 26, 2015 the ISR collaborated with the WHO, 4 WHO Member States and 8 NGOs in a side event during WHA68 focusing on patient safety in paediatric radiology.

WORLD TB DAY “Imaging of Tuberculosis”
March 24, 2015

The International Society of Radiology’s, International Commission on Radiology Education (ICRE), through the Global Outreach Education project (GO ED), has developed this online education module through the generous contributions and support of many of the world’s leading radiology societies and NGOs.

“Imaging of Tuberculosis” can be found here

More information about the WHO World TB day can be found at

Let’s raise awareness of the importance of radiology and imaging in this global public health campaign, in our work to help eradicate this deadly disease.

Eric Stern MD
Chair of the International Society of Radiology’s, International Commission on Radiology Education (ICRE).

September 2014

28th International Congress of Radiology - ICR 2014

ICR 2014


Enter to the Virtual CampusParadigms in Leadership and Innovation Data Sheet!


Radiological Safety and Quality - Paradigms in Leadership and Innovation is a multidisciplinary and inter-sectorial collaboration by international experts and leaders from academic institutions, radiology practices,professional organizations, regulatory authorities, UN and international agencies. Established principles and new concepts, challenges and opportunities, and examplesof leadership and innovations are discussed to raise awareness, share experience and facilitate development of facility-based or system-wide improvements in radiation safety, quality radiology and patient care by procedure justification, optimization of protection and imaging data and incident minimization.

Read more
Enter to GO RADNEW ISR Educational Global Outreach Effort

GO RAD: Global Outreach Radiology

GO RAD is a new global outreach program developed by the International Society of Radiology. The purpose is to reach out to and advance radiology education throughout a global radiology community by aggregating current, practical, radiology literature with content targeted and dedicated to developing nations and underserved populations.

Each month you will find open (free) access to a growing collection of selected, current, practical, radiology articles, courtesy of the ISR and some of the world's most prestigious radiology journals. We sincerely hope that you find this effort of great value. Please tell your colleagues!


Radiología acknowledges GORAD accomplishments.

Click here to read the article



The ISR is grateful for the
support provided by Fuji Film
for ISR educational activities



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