Is it possible to do without the study of myocardial perfusion in 2013?

Authors: J.-N. Dachera, Corresponding author contact information, b, E-mail the corresponding author, V. Lefebvrea, b, B. Dubourga, J.-F. Deuxc, J. Caudrona, b

The analysis of myocardial perfusion is a key step in the cardiac MRI examination. In routine work, this exploration carried out at rest is based on the qualitative first pass study of gadolinium with an ECG-triggered saturation recovery bFFE sequence. In view of recent knowledge, the analysis of the myocardial perfusion under vasodilator stress may be carried out by scintigraphy or MRI, the latter benefiting from the absence of exposure to ionizing rays and a lower cost. Besides coronary disease, the perfusion sequence provides a rich semiology to compare with the clinics and the data from other sequences. Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL) is an alternative technique used in the animal to quantify myocardial perfusion.