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3rd ISR Virtual Congress

ICR 2012!

International Congress

In 2012, from 3 to 6 May, the International Society of Radiology and the Jornada Paulista de Radiologica in Sao Paulo Brazil have presented a very remarkable meeting which combines the International Congress of Radiology program with the annual Sao Paulo Radiological Society meeting. This have been a remarkable event with programs in both English and Portuguese and simultaneous translation for many of the lectures. We have been honored and delighted to participate.

Photos from the ICR 2012 Highlights

International Society for the History of Radiology – ISHRAD

Outstanding Site for X-ray Technicians
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Outstanding Site for X-ray Technicians
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ISR Website

101 Outstanding sites for X-Ray Technicians

Outstanding Site for X-ray Technicians

The International Society of Radiology has been featured on a list that the "Become An X-Ray Technician" site just published of 101 Outstanding Sites for X-Ray Technicians

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From the Journal of Thoracic Imaging, one of our participating GO RAD journals, a new valuable educational resource:

-a collection of 10 state-of-the-art, open-access review articles in cardiovascular imaging. These new offerings are in addition to a variety of other open-access content, including: a collection of pulmonary review articles, a series of succinct American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria ® reviews, a blog series entitled “Tips for Trainees,” and links to online lectures and interactive “unknown” cases created by the Society of Thoracic Radiology and the Korean Society of Thoracic Radiology, respectively.

It may also be accessed via the navigation bar on the JTI homepage (

New Course!!


We are pleased to invite you to participate in the new E-learning course that ISR makes available for radiologists around the globe: How to make the best of e-learning for teaching.

This course is held completely virtually, online, anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Just as all the contents that the ISR makes available for the users from its web site, this course is FREE OF CHARGE, you only need to be registered in the ISR Virtual Campus to access it. If you have not registered yet, click here


This course is divided into three modules:

1- Teaching and learning in environments related
to medicine.
2- Web based learning.
3- Some tools used in e-learning.

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- Identify the knowledge and skills necessary to clinically teach.
- Recognize the advantages and the difficulties of teaching and learning in a clinical area.
- Plan teaching situations while taking into account those advantages and difficulties.
- Know the characteristics of teaching and web based learning.
- Know the characteristics of some web tools.
- Value the advantages of supporting teaching and learning medicine, according to various situations.

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GAMUTS in Radiology

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Comprehensive List of Imaging Differential Diagnoses

By Maurice M. Reeder, M,
with MRI Gamuts by Willam G. Bradley, Jr. MD, PhD,
and Ultrasound Gamuts by Christopher R. Merritt, MD
Software and Interactive Development by David Lamel. PhD and Peter Vasiley

This CD-ROM contains the entire 2003 Fourth Edition of Reeder and Felson's Gamuts in Radiology courtesy of Springer Publishers and the copyright holder, Maurice M. Reeder, MD, as of 2010.

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The CD-Rom is also available to be download here!
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Instructions to Download and Burn the CD-Rom:
1) Obtain a DVD/CD Creator software. You probably already have one installed on you computer, for example "Nero Burning ROM" or "Roxio Creator". If you do not have a DVD or CD-Writing software installed on your computer you can download "BurnAware Free" from the following URL or search Google for others (free or commercial).
2) Open your DVD or CD-Writing software.
3) Go to the "Backup" or "Disc Images" section.
4) Select "Burn Image to Disc" or "Burn ISO Image"
5) Follow the on-screen instructions and select the Gamuts' ISO file you just downloaded.
6) Click "Burn".
7) Take out the disk and label it if you'd like.
8) Verify the disk and proceed to install the program running "setup.exe" from the CD-ROM.

NEW ISR Educational Global Outreach Effort

GO RAD: Global Outreach Radiology

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GO RAD is a new global outreach program developed by the International Society of Radiology. The purpose is to reach out to and advance radiology education throughout a global radiology community by aggregating current, practical, radiology literature with content targeted and dedicated to developing nations and underserved populations.

Each month you will find open (free) access to a growing collection of selected, current, practical, radiology articles, courtesy of the ISR and some of the world's most prestigious radiology journals. We sincerely hope that you find this effort of great value. Please tell your colleagues!

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1ST, 2nd and 3rd ISR Virtual Congress - Avaliable in our Virtual Campus

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Another wonderfull success! More than 3,200 participants registered in the 3rd. Congress.

During the ISR Virtual Congresses, there are Refresher Courses given by internationally renowned radiologists, Radiological Cases, Electronic Posters and Discusion Forums.
All contents of the three Congresses can be viewed anytime you want!
Registration is free!

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International Commission on Radiation Protection (ICRP)

Pediatric X-Ray Examinations
Radiation protection in diagnostic procedures involving children!

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These lists of practical advice are intended for diagnostic radiological units used for examinations of children on occasions. They were established by Committee 3 of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP).

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Complete DVD

The Imaging of Tropical Diseases

Item 1

The International Registry of Tropical Imaging serves as a worldwide archiving and retrieval source for imaging studies involved in the diagnosis of over 60 parasitic and infectious, neoplastic and other diseases affecting over 2 billon people in the tropical and subtropical regions of the globe.
Developed from 1700 page - 2500 illustration textbook and copyrighted by P.E.S. Palmer and M.M. Reeder. This DVD is not for sale and may not be reproduced in any format without permission.
The DVD was developed by the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda,distributed jointly by the American College of Radiology, the RSNA, and the International Society of Radiology.

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ISR Virtual Campus - On-line Education

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Paradigms in Leadership and Innovation Data Sheet!


Radiological Safety and Quality - Paradigms in Leadership and Innovation is a multidisciplinary and inter-sectorial collaboration by international experts and leaders from academic institutions, radiology practices,professional organizations, regulatory authorities, UN and international agencies. Established principles and new concepts, challenges and opportunities, and examplesof leadership and innovations are discussed to raise awareness, share experience and facilitate development of facility-based or system-wide improvements in radiation safety, quality radiology and patient care by procedure justification, optimization of protection and imaging data and incident minimization.

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