1st International Meeting of Radiology Departments with Training-Residency

Registration is now open so that Departments with Training-Residency in Radiology of the countries belonging to the International Society of Radiology (ISR) participate in this Virtual Meeting

The ISR is organizing a Virtual Event in which 15 Departments of Radiology with Training-Residency of different countries and continents will present their work to the radiological community. Participation is open to any Radiology Department willing to share their experience with the international radiological community. We are not looking for the stars of the radiological community, but for a balanced sample of the different ways of being a radiologist and living the Radiology around the world.

We want to promote visibility and participation of radiologists of developing countries and the active participation of residents and radiologists in training. Our objectives are to exchange knowledge and experiences and to promote the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) among radiologists, especially those who are in training.

If you are a member of a Radiology Department with in-training residents, please, consider applying to the meeting!

Registration phase:
Until 15 July, 2019.

Interested Departments must request their participation via email (meeting2019@isradiology.org).

The following information must be provided (required):

Name of the Hospital. Full address. Web address.
Name of contact person (Tutor of Residents-Training, Chair of the Department...).
Contact email (this mailbox must be checked daily).
Small explanatory resumé of their Radiological and Training activities.
Written acceptance of all the rules of the meeting.

Departments will be notified of their participation in the Meeting.

You will receive instructions on the preparation and delivering of your learning materials via email.

Each participating Department or Teaching Unit must submit:

1 30-minute multimedia refreshment course.
1 proposal (summary) for "Live" webinar the day of your presentation.
1 Radiological Case with special emphasis on its learning interest.
1 guideline, indication or algorithm of diagnostic imaging tests, in the most prevalent pathologies.
• 10 photos of participants and members of the Department, as well as city, hospital and facilities.

for the creation and delivering of this teaching material will be available.

It is mandatory to comply with the requested deadline and format.

Forums will enable you to post questions and comments to the authors, who must answer.


The ISR will certify the presentation and attendance to all activities carried out at the meeting, both of the participating Departments and attending users.


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