ISR meets Tunisia at the 18èmes Journées Franco-Tunisiennes de Radiologie
9-11 March 2018

Tunisia was the first country to apply for the new “Meet the ISR” format developed to further the mission of the ISR by providing teams of ISR representatives to participate and contribute to ISR member national society or regional radiology meetings.
ISR President Dr. Garcia Monaco, ISR President Elect Dr. Luis Donoso as well as ISRQSA Co-Chair Dr. Guy Frija followed the invitation to the French-Tunisian radiology congress and presented the ISR as well as hot topics in radiology.

During the dedicated ISR meets Tunisia session with a focus on Afrosafe and quality and safety matters at large, G. Frija presented the ISRQSA and L. Donoso provided an overview of the ESR’s imaging referral guidelines ESR iGuide, highlighting the new web portal solution and dissemination policy in low and middle-income countries.

The scientific lectures by ISR president Dr. Garcia Monaco focused on interventional radiology topics.

The ISR delegation enjoyed the great hospitality by the local hosts and found the “Meet the ISR” concept a fruitful way to engage with the local radiology community.

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