ISR at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2018

The International Society of Radiology had a busy schedule at ECR 2018 held in Vienna 28 February until 4 March 2018. The theme of the congress “Diverse & United” perfectly also suits the mission of the ISR, which is to facilitate the global endeavors of its member organisations from across the globe to improve patient care and population health through medical imaging.

The ISR was invited to present its view on the topic of value-based radiology at the ESR International Forum Meeting. ISR President Dr. Garcia Monaco presented the ISR perspective and emphasised the need to position and highlight radiology in the value-based healthcare concept to ensure patients recognize the radiologist as a key integrating player in modern health care. He underlined that value-based radiology will ensure professional relevance and the success of radiology specialty. Together with artificial intelligence and data mining, value-based radiology is definitely a concept that will shape the future of the profession and of healthcare at large.

Following the ESR International Forum, Dr. Garcia-Monaco and Dr. Parizel, Chair of the ESR Board of Directors, discussed opportunities of collaboration to strengthen the ISR’s convener function for radiology worldwide.

In addition to its Executive Committee meeting, the ISR organized a meeting of the ISRQSA to update campaigns on recent activities with the WHO and IAEA as well as to learn about the latest initiatives of the safe campaigns. The ISR officers also held a series of bilateral meetings, including appointments with the ISRRT, the IOMP, the WHO as well as with two sections of IAEA. One of the highlights was the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the ISRRT to formalize the two organisations’ relations and to pave the way for closer collaboration on the promotion of high standards of patient care, radiation protection, ethical considerations and topical issues within the scope of the professions as well as to exchange information and to promote each other’s activities.

During an informal meeting on ESR’S EuroSafe Imaging campaign and alliance, Dr. Garcia-Monaco and Dr. G. Frija, EuroSafe Imaging Chair and ISRQSA Co-Chair emphasised the importance of ISR’s convener and facilitator function for continental, regional and national quality and safety campaigns in radiology.

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